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Mars/Saturn in your secret soul sector from the 1st has you shutting down, looking within & doing due diligence on your inner spiritual discipline/yoga/personal development etc. So yes, you’re kind of digging the whole introvert thing going on right now. But also Jupiter/Pluto from the 1st has you busting to do exuberant socialising; to hook into the group zeitgeist that is transforming our collective consciousness, hopefully for the better from your- currently very optimistic- point of view.

You really get that we are all in this together & can achieve great things if we lovingly co-operate, and that is a precious point of view that you are tuning into from within; the better to share it with the rest of us as much as possible in these times of virtual/distance communication in which we are conducting our dialogues.

Especially by the New Moon of the 23rd in your ideas/communication sector, Uranus has you ahead of the game with plenty of ingenious, progressive ideas to share around & inspire us all in these changing times.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 8th brings your attention sharply back to more immediate, personal imperatives as follows:

Lilith & Chiron in your income sector is how you come to terms with any damage going on to your earning capacity recently; with the emotional fortitude to cultivate adaptable new ways of manifesting coin in the world. Especially with your ruler Neptune with clever Mercury in your sign, the force is strong in terms of your innate, visionary capacity to dream up cool new opportunities for yourself. Extra especially Lilith provides the gutsy determination to follow through & thrive on your own terms, no matter how much you have to step outside of old paradigm thinking & smash the dominant paradigm to do so -ha you are quite the revolutionary right now!

And this Moon is in your intimacy sector; opposite Lilith/Chiron for the exquisite vulnerability and sexy, courageous passion to connect with your lover more deeply than ever. Or same goes if single –you’re putting out for something real, because anything less than game changing is frankly boring. You’re feeling it so authentically right now, you really, truly care about your closest connections –this is a beautiful thing x

Image: from original by Abby Champion for Vogue Paris'

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