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April kicks off with your ruling planet Mars on Saturn April 1st just as the most spectacularly lucrative Jupiter/Pluto action perfects in your biz sector –and it’s game on to hold your own & thrive in the world…

I mean Pluto/Jupiter is just so goddamn positive & motivating; for next level success if you’re willing to transform beyond the comfort zone professionally, and Mars/Saturn is the discipline required to bring this powerful, positive ambition to actual fruition. Yes it’s all about hard work, but also the smarts to finesse the social networking scene to maximum advantage.

Especially if any power trips/tough competition/control freaky fuqwits thwarting your brilliance, and the sheer frustration of this has you tempted to react with Aries aggro/tryna muscle in & force the issue? Not so much, your superpower right now is acutely pragmatic, very clever politic. You’re wheeling & dealing like a smooth operator, not just barging forward for the sake of it right? So how perfect you have Venus in your comms sector from April 4th until August! Yay, heaps of time to cultivate suave diplomacy skills to get ahead in the world.

And also, even more importantly Venus sweetens the vibe in your personal life for harmonious relating this year. Could be mingling socially/connecting with your tribe with easy confidence, could be stimulating chats with interesting people to turn you on intellectually, could be flirty frisson on the dating scene, could be romancing your special someone & mutual understanding to deepen the connection.

Especially with the Full Moon of the 9th in your partnership sector, then Mercury on Chiron & Lilith mid month. You are beautifully articulate about your feelings, and maybe a lover who gets where you are coming from to share sensitive vulnerability & spunky passion to cultivate something real- wouldn’t that be nice.

Then the Uranus fuelled New Moon of the 23rd in your 2nd house stability sector is interesting. The 2nd house wants solid material security but Uranus is all about the thrill of shaking it up with risky ventures-WTF? Chances are you’re looking at some daring new version of earning coin outside the usual comfort zone; either by choice because you’re bored & seeking fresh inspo or necessity because your regular gig is suddenly redundant? The tension between old paradigms & new opportunities is a thing –and lucky you have Saturn involved to optimise this process with pragmatic adaptability, as opposed to just plunging into bonkers schemes in reactive mode huh? Stay cool.

Image: Romina Lanaro

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