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So to the extent Pluto/Saturn have been hardcore drilling down on your domestic & family priorities lately, it’s been pretty consuming just getting the home base right & how to ground yourself in your foundational personal life right?

So it’s kind of nice having a Full Moon in your social sector on the 9th, for the emotional oxygen to reach out to your broader tribe, suss out the scene/networking opportunities & work that sparkly social butterfly thing you do so well. Especially with Mars energising your busy mind you’ve got tons of brilliant ideas simmering away & lots to say, and adore any chance to get out amongst it for stimulating intellectual repartee in the world –or ok just showing off for the sake of it. Excellent, it’s about time to have some fun!

And whilst you’re feeling exuberant about getting your groove on in the public domain- let’s jump to the New Moon of the 24th in your day-job sector syncing beautifully with the Destiny Point in your sector of professional success. Late Feb is brilliant for aligning with your most meaningful sense of vocational purpose in the world & then walking your talk on that with the right work/lifestyle choice to ensure you nail it…know what I mean?

And ok with Mercury retro you do have to finesse the details, and maybe hold off till mid March to sign contracts or binding agreements etc. Patient, studious preparation is everything as you get ready to launch your brilliance upon the world with your best foot forward for a stunningly successful 2020 –take you’re time you’ve got this!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of Feb 9th is also about Venus/Lilith/Chiron sorting out your relationship sector. You are feeling fully bolshie & for real about who you love/care about, and willing to put in the work to be vulnerable about your true feelings, so what you really appreciate is when loved ones bring the same radical authenticity to connecting on that deeper level. Especially sexy romance-with Uranus in your intimacy sector passion springs from keeping it wildly edgy, transparent & open minded, not so much bourgeois games of playing it safe. Could be thrills & spills in the Libra love life right now but so worth it of you’re up for some fast paced, dynamic emotional growth?

Image: Magdalena Lutek

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