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So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with Mars energising your biz sector, in sync with Chiron trying to solve any glitches in your earning paradigm & maximise your whole do something you truly love for a living inspo.

Fab, but also revving up your vocational success is all about looking at the Saturn/Pluto conjunction rocking your social/networking sector right now. This represents a seismic shift in your broader aspirations/true sense of purpose in the world- which luckily you’re mutable enough to embrace with beautiful adaptability. And also a necessary reality check about the tribe/social scene/like minded folks or organisations you want to be associated with, to support your newly authentic, optimum self-expression…

Yes some friends, professional/social cliques (or even broader political or community affiliations if you’re a bit of a social activist) may be crumbling under closer scrutiny right now hmmm? And that’s ok! It’s not about feeling cynical or disillusioned, because with lucky Jupiter on board for the next 12 months there’s a new version of your gang/true place in the scheme of things calling your name; and you’re only just realizing how truly magnificent, expansive and life affirming it’s going to be. A big, brazen, positive new attitude to walking your talk with the right people is coming up.

Especially the Full Moon Eclipse of Jan 11th is lots of fun in your playful self-expression sector. Especially with Venus in Pisces from the 14th, mid Jan is all about creative confidence, showing off your best talent, schmoozing in all the right places and generally being a big spunk wherever you go –awesome!

Meanwhile Mars in your biz sector revs up your next level, fierce work ethic for the next few months…if you happen to be feeling particularly professionally ambitious right now, it might be time to strike whilst the iron is hot, so to speak.

Also if you’re single & feeling cute, getting amongst the broader work/networking /social scene is a veritable hotbed of attraction potential right now, don’t you know? And/or if already in love, I’m just saying the soulmating vibe of the New Moon of the 25th with dreamy Venus/Neptune in your sign is pretty nice; for the subtle romantic cues that lead to a deeper spiritual/emotional intimacy with someone special huh?


I connect with my tribe in the world who help me thrive, and shine in the world on my very own, gorgeous terms.

Image: Dennis Ziliotto

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