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So Saturn/Pluto are brewing hard yakka personal transformation for all of us right now, which some people are finding super tricky, but you are the sign most likely to be having fun with this! So whilst certain individuals might be losing their shizz around you (and you might have to be a bit understanding about that), you are just hitting your stride…

I mean despite your cliché reputation for highly-strung neurosis, we know that you are actually such a spunky, classy & capable unit -you just have higher standards to keep up than everyone else right? And Pluto/Saturn with Venus in your talent sector have you cleaning up your act; with a fierce perfectionism to finesse the creative process, do what you do exceedingly well & only then can you play with your full potential & the confidence to shine in the world-because you’ve earned it baby! Yeah so fuq performance anxiety/self doubt, do admit you adore this challenge to embrace your best potential & own it huh?

Because it’s all about Jupiter in your play sector from Dec 3rd, for a whole year ahead of more exuberant, positive personal confidence than you’ve felt in a long time. Which also ameliorates the whole Virgo self-improvement regime a bit, to go have fun with whatever turns on your vitality. It’s time to play, party, explore free creative expression & be your natural self in the world-just because it feels so good to be alive!

Especially the Jupiter fuelled New Moon Eclipse of the 26th is perfect timing during the festive season to enjoy the simple pleasures that matter, like celebrating good times with family, friends & loved ones. And maybe dropping any interpersonal tensions & embracing one another’s company wholeheartedly is one of the nicest lessons of Dec hmmm?

And speaking of love there is a bit of mating season action early Dec, if that’s your thing. You’ve got Venus in your romance sector squaring Mars for sparkly, magnetic attraction frisson. And pulled together by the Sun in your domestic sector so best enjoyed with shacked up partners, or if dating cosy nights on home turf to get to know one another. And with Mars & your ruler Mercury in your communication sector, it’s all about finessing the clear dialogue/witty repartee/intelligent flirtation that you’re so exquisitely skilled at… it’s a sexy, stimulating meeting of minds that works best right now don’t you know?

Image: Maya Stepper for Sir the Label by Brydie Mack

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