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December is upon us and the scopes are up, to guide us through the intensity:

Because it's kind of dominated by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction brewing deep under the surface of whatever is going on in our lives right now -it's a cathartic, transformative reality check! We face off our demons with a fierce internal locus of power (thank you Mars in Scorpio); to access a raw, primal authenticity about who we are & how to live, love & thrive in the world. Which requires a swift demo/rebuild of any structures in our lives that no longer serve us (thank you Uranus in Taurus) -ready or not.

So thank goodness for Jupiter joining Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn from Dec 3rd, to rev up any new paradigm scenarios we're looking at with full exuberant, expansive willingness to grow, explore & succeed on our own terms way outside the previous comfort zone. Which is fabulous, and as if we have any choice -it's happening anyway so might as well embrace the changes going on with a positive attitude, right?

And the Gemini Full Moon of the 12th helps to adapt with clever alacrity, the better to be ready for the game changing Capricorn Solar Eclipse of the 26th; which in many ways culminates the zeitgeist of Dec & fully focuses our best intentions, the better to set some cool, productive, promising New Years resolutions for 2020...

Go us! Happy December folks, and more details for your sign here x

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