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Oh boy, is Capricorn host to a spectacular cosmic line up right now or what?? You are the sign most likely to be incandescent with personal potential this month as follows:

Your ruler Saturn conjunct Pluto is game changing, heavy-duty transfiguration of the material structures/psycho-sexual-emotional issues in our lives & revealing the fundamental psychological dynamics driving our security issues around this. It’s primal, foundational and powerfully transformative IF we’re willing to dig deep, relinquish old paradigms/face our demons etc and courageously cultivate an internal locus of power, to clean up our act & thrive in the dramatically different new chapter calling our name.

Everyone is feeling it in some area of their lives –but baby you are feeling it at the very core of your being! Personal growth much –it’s challenging but OMG ready or not, you are phoenixing the hell out of this one right?

So just when you thought it was all getting a bit heavy -how fab is lucky Jupiter into Capricorn from Dec 3rd, for a whole year ahead of positive confidence & expansive new opportunities to explore. You’re like ‘fuq it, if I have to get out my comfort zone anyway-might as well embrace the experience and go for full-scale thrills & spills of this crazy new chapter of my life’. Yes go you-life is calling you to bigger things and you’re so onto it…

Including love, with Venus in your sign beautifully in sync with her lover Mars –and pulled together by the Sun in your soul sector for a bit of magical soulmating in early Dec. Especially with Venus opposite the Destiny Point in your love sector around the 3rd just in time for Jupiter to rev up your spunky charisma; the romantic synchronicity is perfect for some gorgeous new attraction, or next level devotion with someone special to reveal itself....lovely.

Then the New Moon Solar Eclipse of the 26th in Capricorn pulls the full, magnificent potential of lucky Jupiter in your sign into sharp focus. A fresh exuberance inspires fab new plans that leverage your innate brilliance/core skills you’ve been busy working on, for an expansive, positive new take on what you’re capable of in the world. And Mercury in Cap from the 29th helps to finesse all this, with some clever wheeling/dealing/effective communication to move things forward in December –go you, you’re so on fire to embrace the year ahead don’t you know?

Image: Pat McGrath

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