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Full Moon in Taurus, exact 11.34pm Nov 12th, AEDT.

To the extent Full Moons are are rising up of whatever emo we've been feeling all month; Taurus is usually pretty lushy, comfortable in our skin & happy to own whatever we're feeling in all it's glorious, grounded authenticity-which is pretty sweet.

But then again we can be kind of obstinate about our compelling desires and a bit like the bull in a china shop, charging around venting our feelings just because we're entitled to & fuq anyone who doesn't get on board with our immediate emotional gratification hmmm?

Yeah and especially with this Moon triggering the Saturn/Pluto conjunction currently brewing -which is so goddamn intense! Pluto unleashes our most primal needs & preoccupations-we want what we want & we want to burn in the flames of our hungry lust for life right fuqing now-no matter how much destructive/creative transformation this entails. But Saturn says pull yourself together bitch: elegant discipline is the way forward to keep it clean, lean & mean, because we learn more about ourselves by controlling & rationalising our appetites than actually indulging them right now. WTF??

So to the degree we have been handling the tensions here as best we can, this Full Moon could be a release point of any thwarted energy/frustrations we've been trying valiantly to keep under control huh? Could be explosive/charging around in full tantrum mode or dealing with certain people acting out around us-fun & games?? Or could be drilling down on the process & grounded in our emotional truth enough to walk our talk with fierce authenticity, but peacefully and dealing with what is on it's own terms rather then the drama of trying to force the issue...

I mean hopefully Mercury retro involved helps us to get the things we can't control & take time to finesse any dialogues going on with a little more subtlety; rather than dig ourselves deeper in a quagmire of misunderstandings because digging our heels in on some stoopid point of contention -know what I mean?

Happy Full Moon folks, let's keep it real but also harmonious, if we can x

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