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Well thank goodness for Venus rocking into Sagittarius to turn on our wildling, freedom loving moxy! I mean with all the heavy duty, deep dark personal growth going on with the Pluto/Saturn conjunction brewing right now, we could sure use a bit of full scale confidence to deal with it:

Pluto/Saturn have us facing off our shadow selves big time, which is supposed to be fierce, awesome, gutsy transformation -and yes we're ideally all over it. But also tempting to dwell upon certain frustrating material circumstances that have been holding us back or obsessively brood over certain intense, tricky interpersonal emotions that are currently being dug up & revealed -rather than actually address & move through them hmmm? Yeah it's fuqing real & confronting right now, and I'm just saying might as well take the opportunity for rapid growth whilst we can; because resisting the process/holding onto whatever illusions are being stripped away is kind of an exercise in futility. Much more energising to phoenix the hell out of this one & come out way more fresh & full of raw, empowered energy on the other side...

So yay for Sag Venus -to lend us the emotional oxygen & expansive attitude to step back, see the bigger picture and get how liberating this process can be, for the next dynamic stage of our life. It's all about embracing our primal desire to thrive with the positive affirmation that yes I can do this thing for sure!

We ditch bourgeois expectations of how to conduct our personal lives, liberate ourselves from onerous financial/biz obligations (thank you Uranus shaking up Taurus security issues) and unleash our full creative enthusiasm to embrace wild, wonderful new possibilities in our lives. Oh my goodness yes, let's be passionate, powerful & own it huh?

Happy Venus in Sag folks x

Image: Helmut Newton.

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