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So November begins with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, and you’re immediately alert to the quality of your thoughts & how you express them this month.

Because the potential to headfuq yourself with unnecessary self-doubt & the crappy communication that springs from that is a thing… so you get that it’s better to avoid the drama and keep it sweet instead. It’s ok to question everything/transform the Scorpio paradigm as long as you keep the new insights positive, and mind your language in the world to keep the flow of ideas constructive…

Especially with Saturn/Pluto saying the impact of your beliefs & the words you’re putting out there have GRAVITAS right now. It’s all about the power of magical manifestation –the force is strong with you, if you can work the discipline to keep your intentions clean & speak clearly based on that huh?

I mean with Mars hiding out in your soul sector it’s more about low-key scheming/finessing the plan than immediate progress- the better to have a fully clear attitude ready for when Mars ramps up your sexy, dynamic forward momentum just in time for Mercury direct from Nov 20th. Oh my, late month is a cracker for more immediate gratification/rocking your spunky self-belief to make stuff actually happen in the world…

And with the New Moon of the 27th in your cash sector, a fresh perspective on earning good coin could be where you work your manifesting magic most abundantly. And with Chiron in your day job sector involved, you get to figure out the best work ethic that serves your overall wellbeing and meaningful job-satisfaction as well as financial success, which is pretty sweet.

Meanwhile Nov 12th is your annual Full Moon in your partnership sector, to get a grip on the emotional dynamics of your love life. I mean Mercury retro in Scorpio & slippery Neptune in your romance sector have any flirty dialogues veering from the ridiculous to the sublime at warp speed -delusional misunderstandings and/or soulmating bliss much??

Especially with Uranus involved expect the unexpected from your lover/the dating scene/whoever you’re crushing on –it could be weirdly promising. And rather than trying to control-freak the process (lol-sorry but you can’t right now); maybe just keeping your own communication as emotionally congruent as possible is the best way to keep your feelings clear &roll with whatever is going on mid month huh?

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