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So November kicks of with Venus in your sign, which is nicely auspicious for a beautiful, dolce vita month ahead.

I mean with your ruler Jupiter backwards & forwards in your sign recently you’ve been wondering whether lady luck is on your side or what -veering between your wildest dreams coming true & WTF type delays doing your head in much?? Yeah it’s been a trip, but with Jupiter now direct & Venus onside you’re like ‘fuq it, I’m going to shine with radiant gorgeousness, talent & charisma no matter what –look out world I’m ready to rock’.

Because you’re the sign most likely to thrive on positive affirmations –you literally cannot tolerate resigning to despair, and right now you’re so full of that wonderful optimism you do so well –go you!

Even Mercury retrograde is handy, to re-wire the neural pathways that have been driving your behaviour lately & upgrade to more optimum belief systems that allow you to align with your soul purpose, if you’re prepared to do a bit of conscious, inner work this month huh?

Especially after a year of Jupiter in Sag; you get that you’ve learned a thing or two about dynamic self-belief, evolving beyond your comfort zone & stay focused on success no matter what life throws at you. And getting ready to leverage that determination for when Jupiter joins lucrative Saturn/Pluto in your earnings sector from early December. Oh my, you’re so onto the perfect combo of magical manifestation intentions & sexy discipline, to create the wealth you need to thrive on your own terms.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 12th is inspiring, to work Uranus shaking up your day job sector and figure out whatever gig is most likely to get you there. I mean it’s not exactly predictable job security lol; but luckily you’re not exactly the 9-5/ wage-slave type, and the sign most likely to relish the freedom of professional flexibility and work it to your best advantage right? Especially by the Sag New Moon of the 27th with Venus lushing up your income sector –just being your true, positive self in the world feels so good, and also a magnet for wealth & lucky in love romance…

And speaking of love, the Destiny Point in your intimacy sector opposite Venus & nurturing Ceres is all about emotionally nourishing connection. Sexy fireworks happen when you mate with a mutual sense of genuine, caring affinity with one another. It’s not so much easy romantic thrills-as maybe time to take something special (or even some weird, karmic attraction) that much deeper hmmm?

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