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So with lucky Jupiter nearly finishing a year in your biz sector you’re aware of how far you’ve come, chasing your most expansive career aspirations & maximum freedom to work on your own terms when, where & how you want. Excellent & Venus in your biz sector from the 3rd sets you up nicely, for a fully confident professional month to that end:

You’ve got the sheer talent to shine at whatever you do- I mean fuq faking it till you make it you’re OWNING your innate brilliance right now, and fully onto whatever shameless self-promotion is going to broadcast it to the world. Including you get that looking good, glamming up your work wardrobe/polishing your brand, finessing the charm for better biz relationships etc is important –it’s time to advantageously work your gorgeous charisma in the world baby!

Meanwhile speaking of networking, Saturn/Pluto drilling down your social sector also have you editing your friends list big time. I mean the crew that have your back are more onside than ever and you love them for it. And a fluctuating social scene or friendships that positively challenge you are all part of your personal growth, which is great.

But equally anyone who messes with you or power trippy, judgemental etc is ditched at warp speed- you honestly can’t be bothered right now. Not to be bitchy about it- don’t, it won’t go down well AT ALL- but an intelligent, polite cull with healthy boundaries saves your energy for the people that actually matter, right?

And speaking of relationships, Mars in your sexy 8th house has your libido fired up for the Pisces love life in early Nov. Especially with luvvy Venus pulling together a smoking hot Mars/Pluto square you have such stunning romantic confidence going on. Passionate relating with someone special could be reveal next level, deeper intimacy. Or if single more likely to be out & about on the prowl, and maybe the dating scene or just perfect synchronicity throws up some crazy attraction to turn you on –it could be intense but that’s ok, you’re so ready to explore this one…

Image: burlesque dancer Eliza De Lite

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