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So Saturn/Pluto brewing a volatile vibe in your love sector could feel a little ominous; as in you sense you’ve got to dig a little deeper to work though any relationship issues and it could reveal a motherlode of previously unresolved crap/force the issue on stuff you’d rather avoid? And yeah you’re probably right...

But also this could be the most brilliant, sexy, positively life affirming opportunity to renew the commitment on more authentic grounds huh? It’s so timely to get your connections wonderfully clear & anyway it’s coming, ready or not!

Especially with Mars in your home sector square Pluto around the 5th then the Full Moon of the 12th, family dynamics could suddenly blow open in a most emotionally revealing way. But again it’s a good thing, to clear the air & restore familial harmony as best you can. Also because mid month is great for getting out & about networking the social scene/launching cool plans in the world; and a healthy domestic base is important, to support your momentum in the world right?

And speaking of achievement in the world you’ve gotta love Venus & lucky Jupiter in your work sector; to get a handle on how talented you are and how to best leverage that for success on the day job/whatever gig you’re aspiring to right now. Especially with Mercury retro in your talent sector finessing the creative process to get even better at what you do; it may take some trial & error but so worth it. The better to be on top of your game by the time Mars turns up from the 20th & stimulates your brilliant self-expression/shameless self-promotion confidence –oh yes you want to be ready to rock by then…

Especially by the New Moon of the 27th, which is the lovely, fresh clarification about certain work/professional strategies you’ve been working towards all month.

Also Venus into your relationship sector from the 27th lifts all that intense energy in your love life, to a fresh, sparkly new romantic vibe. All of a sudden it all feels more promising –maybe someone gorgeous has your number to remind you just how gorgeous you are? Which is perfect timing to prepare for lucky Jupiter to turn up form early Dec, and a whole year ahead of expansive, positive romantic keep things moving. Look out, Cancer mating season is just getting started & only getting better you lucky little lover you!

Image: Nazrim Polad

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