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So Saturn/Pluto are hell bent on full scale transformation of the Aries career paradigm right now, and you might as well get with the programme because this game changing astro is gathering momentum ready or not!

It’s like on minute you’ve been considering tweaking your professional plan a little/maybe considering a possible new gig & the next minute you’re in full demolition mode with the ruins of all your old ambitions crumbling away. I mean you’re not ditching the innate talent you’ve been cultivating all this time; just dragging it kicking & screaming into a whole new stage of your life -and ready to rebuild a way more powerful, sexy, uncompromising version of doing your thing in the world…

If I may torture the metaphor here, maybe consider your vocational plan not so much closed for renovations as a full-blown construction site for the rest of the year:

Especially by the Full Moon of the 12th in your income sector, Mercury retro suggests that yes certain financial/biz negotiations are promising, but also tricky as fuq if you’re not careful. There’s a fine line between hare brained schemes and your tendency (let’s face it) to charge into them at a hundred mile an hour; and taking the time to scheme something clever & savvy lucrative with the right people huh?

It’s worth finessing this process, so by the time Venus shines your brilliance in the world with Mercury on track from the visionary, expansive New Moon of the 27th, you’ll be clearer & ready to get the basic details of your radical new life plan right-it’s coming...

Meanwhile mid month also has the Sun in your intimacy sector pulling Venus & Mars together, for a sexy take on what deeper commitment looks like in your current relationship. Yes if you’re in love or ready to be, the force is strong with you right now with such passionate romantic courage to keep it real –go you, little lover!

And I tell you what with Venus in your adventure sector, if single you want to get out of your comfort zone & go explore new horizons; because it’s life affirming to get out there whilst you’ve got the solo freedom to do so, and also more likely to meet someone spunky somewhere unexpected huh?

Image: Sessilee Lopez styled by Derek Medina

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