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It’s really worth paying attention to the quality of your thoughts, belief systems & the words you’re putting out there right now. Because with Mars energising the Leo mental process this month, every single idea you focus upon or express is so much more likely to manifest in actual, physical reality in your life at warp speed! Oh my goodness, magical manifestation much?

Yes because it’s so liberating for you right now, to fully get that you are the captain of your own destiny & its down to clarity of intention on your part; the better to walk your talk in the world & make stuff happen on your own terms based on raw, uncompromising personal integrity! You get the implications of this, for personal responsibility to thrive or not based on your very own choices in life right??

Especially by the full Moon of the 14th in your visionary adventure sector; with lucky Jupiter egging you on to go chase your dreams/express your creative genius with that brazen, shiny confidence you’re so fabulously famous for. Yes big, bold thinking is your thing right now & even better you’re prepared to walk your talk & make stuff happen/live like you mean it. Go you –you’re ready to rock!

I mean Uranus in your biz sector is really just getting started, shaking up your professional paradigm for the next several years. You’re going to be discarding any limiting old professional paradigms/dead end gigs as you go; the better to unlock your creative energy to chase up the cool, kooky new opportunities that will be revealing themselves with weirdly perfect timing. Yep the Leo career is on the move…

Because meanwhile Saturn/Pluto in your day job sector are preparing you nicely, with the kind of sustained, gritty work ethic that creates the positive growth you want to see in your career. So I’m just saying that if you’re feeling extra motivated to push your innate talent next level with a bit of good old fashioned elbow grease right now? I would be running with it my friend –it’s so likely to pay off with time in thrillingly unexpected ways.

And love? Venus says it’s all going on at home-especially by the New Moon of the 28th. Making quality time for nestng/domestic bliss/shacking up with your partner is where it’s at. Or if on the prowl, maybe schedule the next hot date on home turf huh?

Image: Mario Sorrenti

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