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So that fierce lust for life, empowering sense that you can do & be anything you want in the world that you’ve been feeling lately –and the gritty discipline you just know you have up your sleeve to make it all happen? Yep, that’s Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn brewing your most sexy, transformative personal growth for the rest of the year –if you can keep your sharpest intentions on point you’re so on track right now, don’t you know...

Especially with Venus in your biz sector lately you’ve been pretty shiny talented & operating at peak performance professionally, and backing all that with the right kind of shmoozy self-promotion to get ahead in the world. Excellent, then Mars fires up your biz sector from the 5th just in time for Venus to hit your social sector and viola –you’re hustling & networking like a fiendishly effective success machine this month. You love this of course, it’s your core competency!

Bearing in mind that with Mars in your biz sector till Nov 20th, whatever professional opportunities you’re looking at now will require your best, persistent work ethic till then. No time to slack off for a while yet…

And with the Full Moon of the 14th fully triggering the Pluto/Saturn action in your sign in sync with positive, expansive Jupiter in your soul sector. You’re fully prepared to do the emotional work, personal/spiritual development, finessing the domestic scenario etc, to get your personal life nice & healthy; because it feels good to feel good about yourself AND as a solid base from which to launch your brilliance in the world. Yes, mid month is a great for getting the work/life/vocational calling/soul path balance nicely on track in your life.

Then the New Moon of the 28th is a beautiful reminder to get out on the social scene, just for the buzz of connecting with your tribe & good old, life affirming fun-maybe a great time to let off some steam having a good time with your favourite people. And also love-with the Destiny Point in your partnership sector, late October could be perfect for a special date night, to re-affirm the connection/passion with someone extra special hmmm?

Image: Thierry Mugler corset

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