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July revolves around Eclipse Season, so emotions are running high & Destiny is busy working her magic in the background of events this month; and it all starts with the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon of the 3rd bringing such a positive, dynamic new perspective on the Taurus life plan...

I mean to the extent you have been known to lock down into obstinate, stubborn ideas of how things ‘should’ be (no offence); lol Uranus in your sign recently doesn’t give a fuq about your so called assumptions and is already shaking you out of any complacent attitudes, right?

Which you must admit has been pretty liberating, even if you’ve had to adjust certain expectations or whatever along the way. So you’re perfectly primed for this New Moon sparking up your inspo, with such wonderful light bulb moments/sudden incandescent clarity about how you’re going to rock this new chapter of your life… and it feels so good!

And even better, with Venus in your comms sector from the 4th you get to wield that famous, smoochy Taurus charm to full effect, if you need to be out and about hustling your latest schemes & dreams in the world? Yep you’re a pretty efficient mover & shaker this month, you little success machine you.

And also romance - a sweet Venus/Mars vibe in early July has your flirty wiles even smoother & more deliciously effective than ever. It’s a great time to finesse the promising verbal repartee with your crush/lover, or just enjoy the random sparkly moments of flirty connection if you happen to be single & out & about? Or if partnered, sexy Mars in your home sector says shacking up/seducing one another on home turf could so re-ignite the passion this month-maybe time to lush up your best domestic bliss?

Image: Nuria Nieva by Jesus Alonso for Elle Romania

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