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Enchanting Neptune in your self-expression sector is lending you the most sensational, charismatic mojo and incandescent talent to strut your stuff right now. Your usual enigmatic allure is more on point than ever, to enchant the world -and maybe a bit of sparkly self-promotion about just how fabulous you are?

Especially with Venus in your love sector for the New Moon of the 3rd in your sex/intimacy sector, your romantic magnetism is on fire! So a perfect time to hypnotise the usual suspects with your intoxicating wiles …and maybe bend them to your spooky will like you love to do, lol?

Well yes you’re one hot tamale & it’s totally Scorpio seduction season; so for sure you can lure them in even more effectively than ever. But don’t forget that Uranus is also playing unpredictable tricks in your love sector; so it’s kind of all about the crazy trip of realizing how much you can’t control about love right now, and embracing the wild ride anyway that turns you on!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 17th is brilliant for ramping up your best, lucrative attitude to making big coin in your life. I mean exuberant Jupiter here likes to earn big & spend big, and as you’re (admit it, lol) a bit too much of a tight-ass to blow the budget on nonsense –you get to focus more on the fab earning potential of this with that savvy wealth thing you do so well.

Especially sweet-talking any biz/financial negotiations for optimum results –a bit of charm goes a long way to hustle the opportunities currently on your radar huh?

Image: Emma Watson

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