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So things are settling down a bit, after the initial disruption of Uranus shaking up your sign, and you’re presumably feeling into some kind of comfortability with the new paradigm energy moving you forward from now on? Nice one…

Also because, as fab as Mars in your sign had been recently to flex your sexy, libidinous, success driven moxy in the world and all; it’s kind of a relief to have Mars out of your hair from April 1st right? Phew, you get to reflect on how far you’ve come recently and enjoy a well-earned sense of accomplishment; whilst relaxing into an easier flow sans having to prove your mettle in the world quite so much.

Which is perfect for tuning into some regenerative inner focus around the New Moon of the 5th. Communion with your creative muse/spiritual practice/yoga/meditation/therapeutic work –or even just chilling alone with a move or whatever could be a nice chance to fill your cup and replenish early month.

Because I tell you what, by the Full Moon of the 19th you’ll be back on the tools and super engaged in the world again so you might want to get ready for that:

It’s partly a brilliant day job scenario to hustle potentially big coin for what you do-thank you lucky Jupiter for biz negotiations & Mars energising your earning confidence-if you’re up for that?

And partly about exploring a more expansive, next level connection with your lover for even greater emotional intimacy? Or if single, maybe someone cute turns up on your social scene to alert you to fun, flirty, expansive new romantic possibilities?

Image: Hannah Lemholt photography

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