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So the Aries New Moon of the 5th is such a powerful wake up call, to rock some serious adult integrity & drill down on your best personal discipline for maximum pragmatic, empowered, self-assured stance in the world.

Because baby, Mercury/Neptune are brewing some pretty wild schemes and dreams to inspire you, and you’re gonna need all the practical nous you can muster to bring them to brilliant fruition. Especially with Saturn in your biz sector and Uranus rocking some fab new perspective on your earning capacity in the world; you’ve never been so sharp, change savvy, innovative & ready to embrace cool new success potential in your life. No time to underestimate yourself now!

And then the Full Moon of the 19th suggests that you could be exploring some pretty radical new emotional perspectives on the key relationships in your life? But rather than being a disruptive thing or temptation to do drama queen theatrics, to sabotage your love life & force change just for the sake of It? Thank goodness for Venus in Aries from the 21st, to vibe beautifully persuasive instead and manage the smooth moves to coax your romance into the next stage of healthy evolution huh? Or if single/on the prowl, the brilliant confidence (you’re gorgeous and you know it), to flirt it up/get your seductive prowess on with someone refreshingly authentic to turn you on?

And then watch any Mars/Neptune tendency by the end of the month, to get into sketchy communication/misunderstandings with certain people, which could derail your lovely intentions right now. Keep it clear for best results.

Then the Full Moon of the 19th is all about picking up the subtlest emotional cues from certain loved ones, and responding with sufficient sensitivity to finesse the relationship dynamic for optimum mutual understanding. And yes, this is particularly true for feeling into next level intimacy with your lover or if single, taking the time to scope out some new attraction with spooky insight into where it could be going/yet not actually forcing anything just yet?

Image: John Galliano's armour for Christian Dior

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