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Mating season alert little lover! March begins with Venus into your love sector, for 2 months ahead of lovely romantic connection with your lover/partner/crush –or if single statistically more likely to meet someone gorgeous to turn you on… ooh la la this is such a lovely time to explore your seductive potential & feel loved up in your life… Extra especially with the highly Neptunian New Moon of the 7th in your sex/intimacy sector. And Neptune inspo can swing between:

1. the most exquisite, rarefied, magical true love & rapturous intimacy that a deeply romantic soul like you adores! And maybe your actual soul mate knocking in your door/bonding more deeply than ever etc. Yep it’s that promising honey, if you’re ready for it?

Or 2. Bonkers, delusional, batshit crazy romantic impulses to do your head in. Like chasing up the most unavailable crush on earth to no avail. Or sneaking around lying/letting someone dodgy lie to you/avoiding a crucial conversation or romantic opportunity because denial/escapism seems easier than actual connection right now? Hmm, not so much obviously –choosing the high road is more important than ever this month; so whatever turns you on in love keep it high end for goodness sake!

Ok and then we have Uranus officially shaking up your biz sector for the next several years. And this aint just tweaking the minor details of your current gig or whatever; it’s the broadest possible version of a whole new, radically liberating Leo career paradigm! Especially with Mars also in your biz sector this month, for the sheer confidence to grab the tail of whatever exciting vocational impulse is calling you, and maybe reveal much bigger potential, to rock your world with time?

Yep, and the New Moon of the 7th is also about avoiding any loony financial decisions/hare brained schemes for the moment; the better to harness Saturn/Pluto in your day job sector trine Mars for long term, pragmatic thinking about your ideal lifestyle/work scenario. And especially with lucky Jupiter in your talent sector-your most powerful asset (obviously) is being magnificently fuqing good at what you do! And the shameless self-promotion instincts to prove it …lucky this is your natural thing, huh? Could this actually be your time to shine in the world-ready or not??

Image: Liu Wen by Greg Kadel for Vogue Germany

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