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Aquarius New Moon yesterday, to awaken our most potent, accelerated magical manifestation techniques for the rest of the month:

I mean New Moons are always an inspiring new emotional perspective, and Aquarius energy is pretty sparky & radically inventive/maverick at the best of times right? So if we are feeling ourselves being lured outside our comfort zone right now, with the promise of something fresh, weirdly promising & ok, slightly tangential?

Yes, life is evolving fast for all of us, and we best keep up because the rewards of embracing intelligent change, and the personal growth that come with it are potentially so damn good with this Moon... And notice I said intelligent change- not so much just charging blindly into random scenarios just for the sake of novelty, as tempting as that might be.

Because this Moon is smack bang at the midpoint between the ultimate sober pragmatist Saturn, and the ultimate cosmic visionary Neptune. And too much Saturn can be dry, cynical materialism and too much Neptune can be drunk/deranged/delusional as fuq -lol:

But the perfect balance between the two that this astro offers us is completely brilliant! It's a savvy, focused, disciplined approach to realising our most rapturous, divine dreams in the world... it's magical realism, magical manifestation & mastering our own destiny with spooky, bang on intuition & savvy, worldly acumen at it's best.

Happy Aqua New Moon folks, let's embrace this beautiful opportunity to nail our destinal potential & thrive x

Image: the wonderful Christian Shloe

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