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Oh my, the Aries love life firing up much? I suggest you harness your most passionate instincts and get ready for mating season this month:

Because Jupiter in your sex/intimacy sector for the last year has revealed your full capacity for an emotionally generous, positive approach to loving unconditionally-and that’s saying something for a hot blooded little lover like yourself! So how cool that the New Moon of the 8th picks up all that heightened romantic inspo you’ve been brewing, and run with it…

Maybe you’ve had a slightly restless period in your relationship lately (thank you Jupiter) and now you get to reconnect with a fresh perspective? Perhaps a new appreciation of one another’s personal space/emotional oxygen the better to fire up the passion, have fun & turn each other on as partners in crime, chasing the next adventure together (as opposed to redundant, boring commitment anxieties or whatever)-know what I mean? Or if single, perhaps you’re really getting that chasing up your hungry desire for new horizons/embracing the next big adventure on your radar is totally where you’re most likely to meet your next special someone. I’m just saying that working that fab charisma of yours next time you’re travelling/exploring a new social scene/generally getting outside your comfort zone could present a fab new attraction when least expected –get ready to flirt it up much?

Especially with Venus in your love sector all month! Venus retro for the first half of Nov is dealing with any tricky dynamics with your best emotional intelligence, extra especially with the sweet romantic harmony of Venus trine Mars/Mars around the 10th –such an auspicious date night with someone special, or for crushing on someone new. The better to cruise forward for the second half of November with renewed commitment with your lover, or pursuing an intriguing new connection to turn you on? And if romance aint your thing, these stars are also excellent for biz, family, friends and social networking relationships, of course.

Meanwhile, Mars into your soul sector from the 16th kind of balances all this out; with the need for a bit of regenerative, solo time in between all the relational action. Maybe make the time for whatever spiritual/creative/meditation inspo fills your cup?

Image: Ian Carlos Reyes

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