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Image; the sublime Gregory Colbert

So Pluto just turned direct, after 5 months stalled retrograde -yet another planet back on the move to drag us out of retro season and happily embracing forward momentum again.

But Pluto doesn't do superficial progress folks; it's more a deep, challenging and enduring influence on our lives we're talking about. Pluto is our capacity for gutsy transformation, genuinely courageous passion and handling any power dynamics in our lives (especially the really gnarly control freakery) with a solid internal locus of power. Because the shadow of Pluto is attempting to exert power over others or handing our power over to someone else cos, you know, it's too scary to take responsibility for our own life. No, obviously- not only is that kind of behaviour toxic but also a distraction from the real work here:

What we are looking for is the strength of character to plumb our own emotional depths, face our demons with bad-ass bravery and then phoenix right out of that shizz wth a shiny, well-earned new appreciation of our full potential to thrive in the world. Like a seed sprouting in the dark underground; we draw on the compost of our old patterns/struggles to nourish a newly positive attitude and determination to push ever upward toward the sun and new growth. Pluto is a potent reminder that we are constantly evolving, shedding old snake-skins and regenerating our healthy lust for life. This is so good!

So if we've been stuck in any particularly confronting/unhealthy/stalled/disempowering scenarios during the last several months; this astro could be just the thing to process the lessons then honestly ditch our attachments to all that and forge a powerful, authentic new path with fabulous, positive, renewed fire in our belly. Yes this requires such personal integrity but so worth it! I mean what's the alternative -sitting around whinging about our recent failures or whatever? Boring.

Happy Pluto direct little bravehearts. Lets do it x

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