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Two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine define August as follows:

The partial Solar Eclipse of the 11th is in your soul sector; a spooky new connection to the source of your divine inspiration-whether it’s a spiritual practice, yoga/meditation, magical shamanic work, communing with your creative muse, simply the powerful practise of unconditional love for yourself and others-whatever fills your cup. And of course it all begins with conscious withdrawal from outer stimuli mid month, emotional self-enquiry and looking within… yes?

Which is better than nursing a sooky reaction to Mars retrograde out of your work sector mid-month, and frustration about any temporary lack of forward momentum in the world, right? Again, look within to re-boot your creative inspo and how aligned your professional intentions are with your true calling –the better to prepare for what you want to do with the renewed momentum of Mars forward from the 27th onwards.

And speaking of late August, the Full Moon of the 26th in your love sector is fab for unpacking any emotional undercurrents that have been brewing with your lover. Yes they’ll be more likely to speak up if they have any niggly issues to untangle, and also just as likely to reach out with extra beautiful warmth just to let you know they care! In any case the partnership dynamic in your life can only deepen, with this opportunity for greater authenticity between you. And if single, any new attractions are likely to begin with a deeper, more gut level emotional recognition than usual that is bound to both confound and magnetically fascinate you.

And this Moon also syncs with a powerful grand trine, linking your Virgo Sun with Saturn retro in your talent sector to polish your self expression to next level perfection (you love this) and Uranus retro in your vision sector, freeing up your energy to embrace your next big adventure in the world. It’s a great time to ground, and manifest your dreams as coherently as possible-with even more savvy, Virgo finesse than ever!

Image: Paolo Roversi, 'Infanta Style' for Vogue Italia

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