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Seriously, Jupiter retrograde for the last four months has been such a drag right? The lucky planet of adventure, expansion and fearless forward motion is supposed to be actually leading us forward, after all, not lurking around sneaking backwards and yanking our biggest hopes and dreams back with him! Especially for us Saggi, Jupiter ruled types it's been tedious beyond belief... arrgh.

But of course it's not been holding us back, really. As much as we've been chafing at the bit; it's been a constructive chance to hold our horses and actually finesse the plan that much more, with character building patience and prepare to put our best foot forward when Jupiter does get moving -which would be now!

Jupiter stations direct from 4am July 10th, AEST -and more specifically gains momentum in alignment with the banging partial Solar Eclipse of July 13th. And especially with Venus in Virgo involved for extra, classy creative manifestation. Thank fuq, finally time to work our restless yearnings into some sane, tangible action to make sure we thrive for the rest of the year. Yee-hah the brakes are off & ready to roll...

Happy Jupiter direct folks x

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