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So how are you feeling about Uranus newly in Taurus shaking you up?

All excited about busting out of the daily grind with a fresh new attitude? Cool, unexpected new opportunities incoming that you’re all revved up to embrace? Or feeling sketchy about a sense of impending change that you can’t control? Or just a general nervous energy & buzzy restlessness you’re still figuring out what the heck to do with?

Welcome to the next 7 years of Uranus on your case, with possibly unsettling yet liberating & thrilling changes to open up new doors in your life- don’t worry; you’ll figure it out as you go and with lots of brilliant personal growth along the way!

Meanwhile you have the Eclipse season to move things along in July:

The partial Solar Eclipse of the 13th is great for clarifying any new ideas coming up for you & how to effectively communicate them; and with transformative Pluto in your adventure/vision sector there could be significant clues here, about how to spin this into a bigger, bolder, more empowering life plan?

And this Moon also coincides with lucky Jupiter moving forward in your love/partnership sector just as Venus lushes up your flirty romance sector. So mid month is actually fab mating season if you’re into exploring new horizons with your loved one, or if single totally promising for some wildly positive new contender to rock your world. Especially if you keep it delightfully playful with that gorgeous charm of yours –heavy ‘us’ chats are not so much the thing right now.

And then the Total Lunar Eclipse of the 28th is a supercharged career scenario to turn you on. Mars in your biz sector is on it, but being retrograde it’s all about taking the time to scheme & perfect the next big vocational move, rather than powering forward with forced progress just yet. But still, whatever dream/ambition you are brewing right now is fuqing brilliant, going to showcase your most potent innate talent and will be ready to rock by the time Mars gets moving mid August… don’t give up now, when you’re so damn close huh?

Image: Ella Uzan

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