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Image: Philippe Sainte-Laudy Photography

New Moon in Gemini, exact 6am June 14th, AEST. And the fresh, promising possibilities of New Moon energy is syncing effortlessly with our best, playful Gemini attitude here:

Because this Moon is unencumbered by too many other significant planetary influences-so we get to do a kind of pure, straight up Gemini version of moving forward this month... so how does Gemini love to grow, hmmm?

Communication-the need to connect wth one another verbally. Could be drilling down on some key dialogue in our lives, to explore and finesse an important relationship on our work/personal/whatever realm? Could be the thrill of sparkly, incandescent repartee & sharing ideas just for the delightful sake of it? Could be polishing our flirty wiles for certain romantic ends, because we just know we can be more delightful than ever right now...

Could be the mental alacrity to make sense of some dilemma or juggle various ideas/decisions currently on our mind? It's a particularly Gemini thrill to play with our clever, intellectual prowess and come up with a zillion fresh new perspectives to choose from. So liberating.

And ok, there is one planetary influence playing out to this end; Gemini's ruler, sparky Mercury opposing the sobering realism of Saturn. Where we actually are going to have to run our schemes, dialogues and belief systems through a proper reality check before we act upon them. This is a great time to sift through our to-do list, finesse the details and gather our wits in order to move forward with our best savvy, intelligent attitude. And same goes for exploring the key conversations in our lives-lets keep the communication clear, concise and on point huh?

It's such a great Moon for bringing our most exciting ideas into fruition, if we keep it inspired (yes) but also conscious, real and pragmatic!

Happy Gemini New Moon x

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