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Well if you’re feeling all restless with Uranus shaking up your adventure sector; and so busy dreaming up big picture plans for your future that you are uncharacteristically scatty on the immediate attention span? Well first of all don’t forget you have several years ahead of wanderlust -and plenty of time to bust a move on any big travel, relocation or new fangled lifestyle scenarios, so it’s fine to pace yourself:

Because meanwhile, the New Moon of the 14th is all about focusing this innovative zeal on re-visioning the Virgo career. Could be a fresh motivation to finesse your current biz/work situation, or maybe even a promising new gig to consider? Either way you want a professional life that actually turns you on, obviously, and also allows greater agency over those expansive future plans you are brewing-thanks to liberating Uranus sparking off a more liberated attitude to, well, everything…

And it’s also massively about ambitious Mars energising your day job sector non-stop for the next 6 months! I mean your work-ethic is always on point-you’ve never been one to shy away from a bit of professional discipline; but the kind of fierce determination and sheer drive to get ahead coming up right now might surprise even you. So yes, a successfully enterprising attitude and driving sense of purpose in the world is big-might as well embrace and work this whilst you can huh?

And love, with Venus in your soul sector from mid month is a gentle soul-mating vibe. You’re either already in love, and effortlessly deepening your beautiful spiritual connection. Or if single you are happy to work your own spiritual or creative practice –and anybody who is drawn into your orbit is more likely to be a lovely simpatico soul-with maybe magical romance potential to explore?

Image: Kimberley Joanne Sinclair

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