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Well it's been fun and all butterflying around with the playful mental agility of Gemini Venus lately; and now we have Venus in Cancer until mid-June, where we get to tune into our instinctive, creatrix, emotional intelligence a little bit more. In love, beauty and art we are all about our intuitive faculties now...

Venus rules love, and in Cancer we remember that we really care. And I don't mean the intense, high stakes passion of, say, Scorpio. I mean that we aren't scared to own our own our emotional investment in whatever relationships are important in our lives; and cultivate a genuine bonding/commitment sans games or whatever. Yes Cancer energy can hesitate, and scuttle crab-like sideways for a whilst we eye off or romantic prey and suss out the right time to strike. And that's because when we do reach out for love we are so emotionally congruent about our feelings and completely tenacious about sticking with it no matter what. We want to make sure it's worth it, and no time for fuqing around with ambiguous shizz!

And it's going to be interesting combo to have Mars in Aqua-possibly the most mentally driven, emotionally ambivalent energy in comparison to the empathetic Cancer vibe. So our relationships might be a case of opposites attract, or negotiating the different imperatives between ourselves and our loved ones that lend our connections their spark this month-which could be challenging but also could be cool? And it must be said that there is a certain integrity about sticking to our romantic principles, and a kind of determined loyalty that these two signs share-so that could be the lovely glue that binds us right now?

And Venus rules beauty and style -and Cancer can be prone to a bit of fashion nostalgia! For example, as a certified shopaholic who is always trying to cull my crowded wardrobe; I can attest that some garments we've been dragging around for ages actually do have sentimental worth or gathering value as genuine, quality vintage pieces or stylistic references to our fashion journey etc. But then again some are just naff old crap we need to ditch! So this is where we can pull out some old fave pieces and rework them with a fab new spin, to keep our unique personal style going (but maybe anything in the back of the closet we still haven't touched by mid July, is off to the charity bin -to address any hoarding tendencies)?

Image: Planet Blue, hollywood boutique

Or maybe we're out shopping for more beautiful vintage, lol -and ok if we can look timelessly stylish with that thrifty, crafty Cancer style, sure why not.

And maybe some silver jewellery, pearls or moonstones to reflect the Moon and our changing moods. And perhaps revisiting a classic fragrance you haven't worn for ages to evoke lovely memories. And dressing spontaneously without overthinking it -intuition is everything in Cancer-and whatever fashion/decor/style instincts are coming up naturally are bound to work best.

Image: Jeffrey Westbrook/studio D for Harpers Bazaar

And Venus rules art, and in Cancer we use our creative outlets as a channel for our own-and our audiences emotional self-expression and resonance. Especially the evocative power of photography and the nurturing power of cooking for one another, are both great creative outlets right now.

Happy Venus in Cancer x

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