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Image: Hannah Lemholt


Ok, we need to talk about the Scorpio love life this month -it’s about to get interesting!

So you know that brooding thing you do? Where you vibe all mysterious/enigmatic whatever to keep em guessing and keep the passion intense and edgy? Or even that prickly, cagey silence when someone aint stepping up or playing your game? Yeah but/no but this emotionally inscrutable aspect of your romantic nature may or may not be useful right now- that shizz just may not wash like it used to, lol!

Because the New Moon of May 15th introduces the big new chapter that is maverick Uranus into your relationship sector; for seven whole years of shaking up the paradigm/blowing open your emotional secrets and revealing a way more liberated, transparent and flexible way of doing romantic connection. Yes you heard that right-until 2026 you are in the Uranus academy of candid, open minded, innovative loving with plenty of sparky intellectual rapport and oxygen between you and your loved ones to allow the kind of authentic, honest relating that can grow and evolve with time.

I mean don’t worry there will still be plenty of drama, to the extent you (do admit) love a bit of crazy frisson to spice things up. Uranus is all about lightning-bolt passions/sudden attractions/scary romantic risks and unpredictable outcomes to keep it lively with the intensity you thrive on –so fear not, you certainly won’t be bored! But ultimately it’s all about a healthy version of authentic, genuine love, sans unnecessary, headfuq guessing games that you’re aiming for here of course. There’s plenty of time to cultivate this dynamic (with your existing lover or anyone new coming wildly out of the blue), and I actually think you’re really going to enjoy the liberating emotional freedom that comes with this process -it’s that good!

And meanwhile lucky Jupiter in your sign is busting to expand your horizons, and thrive that much more on your own, free-spirited terms in all areas of life. And to this end the Full Moon of May 30th points to some cool instincts rising up, about whatever cool money making schemes will help you get there. Yes, keep an eye on your innate financial savvy-it might be about to serve you very well…

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