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Image: John Galliano's armour for Christian Dior


So Uranus shaking up your sign for the last seven years has been quite a trip! It’s been like a once in a lifetime opportunity for rapid, radical personal growth to rock your world -whether or not you thought you were ready for it, right?

And now that it’s finally getting out of your hair from mid May-you might be reflecting on how much you have grown in recent years:

Maybe you feel freer of some illusions, gloriously liberated, clear as a bell and ready to seize the day with some sparkly new intentions for the future? Or maybe you feel like you’ve just stepped off some crazy, endless roller coaster wondering WTF was all that about, lol? Ha, or probably a bit of both. But I bet you’ve nailed some kind of cool authenticity and open minded attitude to life-and probably time to take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back and give yourself some kudos for just how far you’ve come…

Because now you have the New Moon of the 15th introducing Uranus into your income sector and ready to embrace some truly fab, innovative ideas about how you make a living, and you ideally keep an open minded, positive attitude here:

I mean look, it’s not exactly a more solid/steady income you’re looking at –and if you’ve been attached to the security of that lately you might want to start thinking outside the box. Because the exciting, perhaps unexpected opportunities coming up for you are more about multiple streams of income/the freedom of self-employment or your own biz/flexible hours/successfully juggling an unpredictable cash flow etc. And the payoff is that when the loot does come in it could be big-with lucky Jupiter involved- so time for some game changing, confidant prosperity consciousness huh?

Meanwhile love? Your seductive prowess is on fire right now, with lucky Jupiter in your sex sector & sexy Mars in your social sector. If you’re single I would say being out on the prowl on the dating scene could be an amazing mating season for the next 6 months-so plenty of time to explore new possibilities huh? And if you’re already in love; with Venus in your domestic sector from the 20th it’s all about cosy date nights at home/shacking up/next level bonding with your special someone- yes late May is primo time to truly commit to exploring the full potential of this thing… if you feel it?

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