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Your ruler Mars meeting Saturn in your biz sector on March 2nd clues you in to some serious career developments, and the formidable willpower required to pull this particular brand of worldly success off. Your vibe is highly ambitious and no way is anyone going to mess with your brilliant aspirations; but you do know this requires a savvy, pragmatic relationship with power and authority right? Perhaps you relate to any boss figures in your professional life with a more intelligent, respectfully empowered attitude or perhaps YOU are wielding more power and authority in the world (or your own biz empire), and handling this with maximum integrity? Yep and this learning curve plays out over the next 2 years, but also informs the cool astro action of April as follows:

Venus into your income sector has you monetising your vocational genius like mad, which is helpful. But you ideally wait until Mercury moves forward in your sign from mid month, to finesse the details or sign any $ type contracts.

Because the Aries New Moon of the 16th is game changing; where unexpected circumstances reveal your most flexible, innovative strategies to seize new possibilities with cutting edge brilliance. The opportunity for sexy, brave personal transformation is tangible mid-month and no time to underestimate your own potential!

Then the Full Moon of the 30th, in your sex/intimacy sector is hot! You pull together your most magnificently confident romantic prowess (and we all know you’re a passionate, hot tamale at the best of times); the better to chase up your lover (or if single, anyone new on the scene you’re crushing on) with the beautiful vulnerability of letting them know you really care. And yes, more likely to receive the same kind of ardent pursuit in return and maybe a chance –with Venus in your comms sector-to get some honest romantic dialogue going for a deeper connection?

Image: Grzegorz Adamski

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