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Full Moon in Virgo coming up, exact 11.50am March 2nd, 11.50am AEDT.

Full Moons are about our emotional truth rising up the better to feel it more authentically. And with the clean cut, perfectionist energy of Virgo there's probably lots of 'messy' feelings we are valiantly trying to micro-manage; and maybe need to get down and dirty and actually deal with?? Yes, and also keeping it classy with all the Virgo finesse available to us right now.

And this is where the fab combination of Neptune and Saturn on this Moon comes in:

Neptune is super heightened sensitivity, so we are exquisitely attuned to the most subtle energies around us. Whether its love, relationships, spirituality, creative flow or whatever our intuition is bang on and sharp as a tack -so it's so worth listening to our finer instincts on pretty much everything...

I mean Neptune can also be pretty wild, we want nothing less than rapture, magic, intensely heightened experience; and in some cases this can be temptation to indulge in escapist intoxication of various dodgy descriptions, and ok the shadow side of Virgo can occasionally be a tad crafty about low-key kinky sleaze, ahem... Yeah but no but the clean living vibe of Virgo is most likely to win out here -we want to keep it high end, huh?

Especially with taskmaster Saturn on board. Saturn wants sobriety, firm plans and clear boundaries. Which lends us the brilliant personal discipline to focus all our inspired yearnings into tangible, real world plans that will ultimately get us somewhere; with an emphasis on healthy, wealthy and wise outcomes to turn us on and keep us on track to follow our bliss.

And this, my friends, is the definition of magical manifestation that Virgo is so famous for pulling off with seeming ease. It's time for all of us to be the conscious creatrix of our own lives this week -let's do this!

Happy Full Moon folks x

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