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So how about the phenomenal Total Lunar Eclipse in your biz sector on Feb 1st! This is the most incredible kickstart to your professional path this month -and possibly the rest of the year as follows:

This Full Moon is on top of the Destiny Point; so it’s spot on, genius instincts about your broadest, most long-term promising vocational calling that you are tuning into right now. Perhaps you have some visionary, ambitious plan for your career that you are successfully cultivating right now; and you are unstoppable because nailing this thing is your emotional truth, don’t you know! And consequently, there’s a good chance some game-changing, ridiculously on point opportunity opens up right in front of you –and it’s a no brainer to say a big YES to this thing!

And Mars energising your income sector makes sure that you even more motivated than usual to monetise your efforts and make solid, rewarding coin for whatever it is you do; and for an (admit it) enthusiastic, keenly lucrative little earner like yourself that’s saying something!

Yay, and it’s all riding on Venus in your home sector early Feb, helping you to lush up the kind of comfortable, nurturing home base from which to launch your brilliant career this month –and keep the work life balance so that; no matter how hard you’re working at biz success you make time to enjoy your family/loved ones/home sanctuary as well, especially around the New Moon Eclipse of the 16th -how lovely.

Meanwhile Venus into your self-expression sector from the 11th is a lovely boost to your romantic confidence. You are playful, flirtatious, delighting in the dance of love just for the sheer joy of it (which is a nice change from some of the brooding, obsessive sexual dynamics you’re sometimes know for, lol.) So that, if a spontaneous soulmate-type experience appears by late Feb- either deepening your existing relationship connection or sudden, kismet chemistry with someone new; part of the thrill is how much you didn’t even have to force it! Enjoy this one, huh?

Image: Cristian Girotto

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