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For a social creature like yourself; the group dynamics around you are so important yes? And if you’ve been searching for your tribe/wondering where you fit in the world or how to express yourself more effectively, the Total Lunar Eclipse of the 1st is a bound to be a revelation:

You feel more at ease walking around with emotional congruence- the more you allow yourself to be yourself the more you attract like minded souls with whom you can deeply and genuinely relate. This could be about renewed bonds with your closest friends or maybe seeding some new friendships; and honestly with the Destiny Point on board there could be some truly profound, rewarding platonic relationships that will support/inspire you and have your back for a very long time to come unfolding here –how lovely!

And this could also be a broader sense of meaningful community involvement/social, political, professional networking to finding your niche in the world or being out on the scene moving and grooving for a good time/being invited to the best parties/showing off your sparkling social skills etc.

Because with your patron planet, Venus illuminating your self-expression sector in early Feb-it’s really all about your own gorgeous talent/charisma and the beautiful self-confidence that goes with it! And especially by the New Moon of the 16th; I know it’s a cliché to say it’s your time to shine, but honestly it really is this month -and magnificently!

So when Venus gets into your work sector from the 11th you are ready to rock your best talent on the day job. Whatever creative/charming genius you have going on is going to inspire your vocational efforts-and perhaps even attract cool new opportunities to embrace your professional soul path by late Feb-how fab.

And love? Well firstly you are so Venus ruled right now and your innate desirability is stronger than ever-which looks like attracting some serious attention from your exiting lover/any new love interests by early March. It all begins with some ferociously confident flirtation/romantic repartee action in the last week of Feb-yes this could be leading somewhere…

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