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Welcome to 2018, and your starting point may be to count the valuable lessons you have learned about love, desire, partnership and workable commitment in the last five years?

Taskmaster Saturn has been banging away at your relationship skills for a while now, and presumably you are so much the wiser about the most important connections in your life. So perhaps you are ensconced in a solid partnership at this point/or working toward one with someone just as emotionally steadfast as you –thanks to the proper emotional growth and perseverance of recent years.

Or you have a clearer set of boundaries around your emotional needs/what you do and don’t want if you are looking for love; the better to take plenty of time to attract the right one next time round? Because you have a healthy relationship with self –so even if love isn’t happening yet/aint your thing you are comfortable enough in your skin to feel complete in yourself right now. Genius-this is going to pay off!

Because we need to talk about the hotness that is sexy Mars meeting lucky Jupiter in your partnership sector this month! It’s all about the renewed chemistry with your partner you’ve earned by working on your relationship recently, the better to energise a more adventurous romantic chapter coming up. Or the chutzpah to go chase up whoever you’ve been crushing on- where your native seductive prowess has an extra confident, ardent edge to it. Or perhaps someone wildly exciting is about to come chasing you and whisk you off on some promising romantic adventure? The New Moon of the 17th is particularly auspicious re this.

And this New Moon is also big inspiration for pursuing whatever travel/adventure/wanderlust thrills are turning you on this month. Because with practical Saturn newly in your vision sector and maverick Uranus into Taurus from June; the challenge to build a pragmatic yet innovative structure/life plan that allows maximum personal freedom in your lifestyle/career prospects etc is becoming a massive theme for 2018. Open-ended possibilities are the everything this year-so might as well get busy creating them now, huh? This looks like fun!

Image: Jerry Hall by Helmut Newton

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