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This Full Moon (2.47am Dec 4th, AEDT) in flighty Gemini is gonna be a trip!

What we have with this Moon is an exact aspect between magical Neptune and expansive Jupiter, with lots of watery Pisces/Scorpio energy to tune us into our dreamy yearnings, emotional needs and visionary genius that just can't be denied: no matter how much the airy Gemini vibe tries to float above it all.

Because the real genius of Gemini here is the capacity to tune into the subtle Neptunian insights incoming with the mental dexterity to sort through, and process the busy rush of seemingly contradictory emo coming up around, well, everything...

Also because Mercury turning retrograde is temptation for scrambled thinking/messy communication/tricky nervous energy if we get hung up on the details (which are likely to be contradictory & overwhelming). So what we need right now is the big picture perspective and instinctual wisdom of Jupiter to cut through any extraneous crap, focus with magnificent largesse on whatever actually matters right now and forget the rest. It's all about getting our priorities straight!

I mean Mars/Uranus are potentially setting off some hair trigger reactions to stuff. Which could be cool to the extent we trust every little intuition on the spot and act on it with nimble alacrity, the better to stay sharp and in the flow of positive, instant magical manifestation that is so possible this week. But not so much flying off the handle at the smallest thing/burning bridges unnecessarily/blundering into hare brained schemes sans critical thinking.

Yes it's a fine line between blisteringly stoopid and sheer genius with this Moon; so we want to remain as high-Qi, emotionally aware and conscious as possible huh?

Happy Full Moon everyone x

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