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Look I’m not going to lie to you, the last few years of Saturn in your sign has been a royal pain in the arse right? And you may be wondering where all the fun went/how you have become such a workaholic/disciplinarian/how so many dreary obligations have got the better of you lately -aaargh?

But admit it: you have nailed some cool new biz & career moves/workout & health regimes/integral personal growth here –or capacity to do so, huh? Yes you are moving forward more fiercely on point than ever; and the great news is that by late December you will have a tangible sense of the shackles falling off, and with the benefit of well-earned success in the world to support and fund it-with more oxygen to actually enjoy a new lease of life again. Yes it honestly is about to get easier- Hallelujah!

So with this in mind do knuckle down and deal with the last remaining details of any projects/obligations/necessities in your life this month-seriously, you’re SO close now don’t give up/fuq it up at the last minute out of impatience just when you’re nearly there huh?

Some things to get you through:

Your boss planet Jupiter and Venus in your soul sector is inspiring some kind of rewarding spiritual/shamanic/creative practice -to keep you tuned in and beautifully on track.

The Full Moon of the 4th is where you channel this into a more authentic attitude to the day job, as much as possible –and then Lilith into your income sector from the 10th is an unapologetic, empowered new attitude to hustling the coin you need for the life you want.

Love is about exploring a profound/exquisite soul mate connection in your life-in which case it matters and you trust the subtle yet powerful romantic process unfolding for sure. Or if not you steam ahead with the Sag soul-path, and trust that this will bring your next flirty/romantic potential when Venus hits your sign from early December...

Image: Esther Haase

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