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Well first up, the Full Moon in your biz sector on the 4th is a cool opportunity to hone your professional instincts for the rest of the month. I mean given that change-god Pluto is involved in your day-job sector, any decisions you make right now are bound to be significant –possibly professionally transformative, even game changing and maybe even potentially lucrative!

Speaking of which you want to watch slippery Neptune involved in your shared resources sector; biz/money negotiations are possibly tricky-even dodgy if you’re not careful -but also a chance for next level creative collaboration and truly inspired, win-win financial solutions if you keep it clean and high-end. Yes indeed.

Because with taskmaster Saturn preparing to pull your day-job sector into shape from late December, you’ll want to have your wits about you and a viable plan for the next few years at least on the drawing board by then; so might as well start preparing for this now...

Meanwhile, lucky Jupiter newly in your domestic sector and Venus on board from the 8th inspires such a positive approach to hearth and home. You desire nothing less than a beautiful sanctuary to replenish your soul, a loving tribe of co-habs/family/live in lover to feel connected AND the freedom to do your own thing, come and go as you please and maybe even plot some big travel/relocation in the coming year -gosh you don’t want much! But you know what, if you’re ever gonna pull this kind of ideal home base off it might just be now…

And yes you heard right there; if you’re in love it’s more likely than usual to involve shacking up/domestic bliss this month –or on the prowl perhaps schedule the next hot date at home for optimum, cosy romantic potential?

Especially with Neptune vibing all soulmatey in your intimacy sector and nurture goddess Ceres meeting the Destiny Point in Leo by late November –you could be up for some very cool clues about your love future this month, so listen up huh?

Image: Chris Halderman

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