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Image: Brandon Flowers

Mars swans into Libra from 5am Oct 23rd, AEDT till Dec 9th, for 6 weeks of elegantly styling it up and finessing how we chase our desires and dreams...

Mars is considered to be in 'detriment' in Libra; because the warrior god is all about raw, aggro masculinity and hyper Venusian Libra is considered a way too girly space to get his true grunt on? Well yeah, but let's not forget that Libra is the iron fist in the velvet glove -and can be just as determinedly wilful and bossy as her opposite sign Aries (home to Mr Mars) - just with extra velvet charms! So with Mars in Libra we come to terms with how to power forward, assert ourselves and make stuff happen -whilst also keeping our agenda mindful of those around us, smooth and as co-operative as possible; it's actually all about win-win, collaborative solutions right now to serve our own purposes yes; but also our partners, loved ones and tribe -and this is such a beautiful thing!

Because shameless shmoozing, charm, impeccable good manners, a keen sense of fairness, networking brilliance (aka terrifyingly persuasive negotiation skills), harmonious/creative collaboration and ok, let's face it, flirting our heads off gets us way further than brute force here -It's just more savvy to play nice right now!

Especially if we avoid the main pitfall of this astro: passive aggressive sitting around waiting for everyone else to act; then snarlingly bitter if they don't step up/we don't get our own way -no no no. It's all about taking responsibility for expressing our needs and guiding any subsequent dialogues in the right direction...

And yes this includes our love lives. Libra loves relationship, and did I mention that Mars in Libra is a shameless flirt? So depending on our situation and proclivities we could be about to get seriously out on the scene and flirt up a storm-to suss out possibilities if we're single/on the prowl?

Image: Pierce Brosnan, James Bond promo

And also motivated by any chance at a real, committed partnership the better to join forces and move forward together; if already entangled we make the effort to delight our lover anew with delicious romantic attention, for promising renewed chemistry. Because Mars also rules sex -and we do it after a perfectly orchestrated, highly romantic date/genuinely articulate romantic dialogue; and because we've really made the effort it's that much more special!

Image: Helmut Newton

And Mars rules physical vitality and fitness. Um Libra can be a bit vain/shallow -let's face it, so if focusing on the bod we want/or even purchasing some on-trend new workout gear gets us to the gym of whatever; that could work to keep our workout regime on track?

And beyond that Libra loves the refined posture and sense of harmonious balance-not to mention the importance of mind/body connection (Libra is a cerebral sign, after all) of yoga -might be time to get on the mat this month!

Image: Michelle Haymoz

Happy Mars in Libra x

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