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So we're coming into a tricky/exciting pre-eclipse weekend here...We're prepping for the big Leo New Moon Eclipse this tues- revving up all the firepower of Leo season so we're just busting to bust a move & get on with our brilliant self-expression already!

Yes yes but its also dark moon until Tues-requiring whatever regenerative down time we can score in between being incandescently amazing -and no burning ourselves out excessive partying...I mean next week is gonna be even more energising than now, and much more clarity about fresh new beginnings so we want to pace ourselves huh?

And it's also Mercury (& a bunch of other planets) retrograde.. so do take the time to check the fine print/hold off on actual hare-brained schemes if possible, just for the moment? Have a great weekend, keep it sane & keep scheming & dreaming with beautiful, visionary confidence for best results x

Image: Emma Sjoberg for Thierry Mugler

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