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The Partial Eclipse of the 8th is classic work/life balance issues coming up. First and foremost, with the Full Moon in your home sector) you make sure that your domestic/family scenario is actually supportive, nurturing and emotionally congruent –because the more you get that right the more you have a platform from which to leap into the magnificent professional energy of mid month.

I mean with Mars (fierce ambition and motivation), the Sun (clear self-expression) and the Destiny Point (life changing, future oriented opportunities to align with your soul path, no less) all lined up in your biz/fame/public life sector –how could you not be thrilled about your career prospects and ready to grab them by the throat??

And also Saturn/Lilith hooking up in your income sector all month is such a savvy vibe to monetise whatever you’re good at, with a sober fiscal policy and the unapologetic self-belief to claim your worth in your chosen industry/marketplace-an attitude that is right up your alley of course.

Babe, you’re hot to trot for sure, more talented and ready to do something about it than ever –think about that for a good time!

Because by the New Moon Eclipse of the 22nd –the second New Moon in a row in your biz sector-you will have some clearer strategies lined up and ready to action them with lucid, sharply focused intent; so it’s all about preparing for this in the meantime, yes?

Meanwhile love? Uranus hovering near your love sector has you all expectant, intuiting some sparky drama/breakthrough/game changing development coming up –and this will be much more tangible by next June, so yes keep an eye out for any curious romantic clues in the meantime. But for now, it’s not quite as dramatic as you might be fearing/hoping-so keep an eye out for more subtle developments. For example the Venus/Neptune trine of the 13th could be a soulmatey romantic date night /or an alluring new attraction to think about. And then the Venus/Pluto opposition of the 16th is fiery frisson to unlock the deeper, sexy, more transformative potential of any entanglements going on –eyes wide open here, yes?

Image: Super Fiat Arbath commercial 2013

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