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The Partial Eclipse of the 8th is a cracker Full Moon across your income/cash and intimacy sectors, to get you tuned into what’s really going on and emotionally congruent/empowered for the rest of the month:

You get that clear self awareness is the key to instinctively identify and unlock all those core competencies/skills of yours that you’ve spent so long getting right. Because you’ve got to really believe in what you do, the better to go hustle some decent coin for doing it, yes?

Also because Mars and the Destiny Point on this Moon, in your shared resources/cash sector is a cracker for aggressively teasing out (is there such a thing?) any funds you need to build your empire right now. Not to mention lucky Jupiter in your biz sector to reveal/rev up your most visionary plans. You go hit on potential clients/backers/employers with sexy self-assurance and voila, lucrative opportunities abound to grow into your full financial/professional potential–you love this! Again, you’ve got to believe in what you’re doing with full integrity to pull this off but you know what, I think you’ve got this covered.

Oh and did I mention your love life? Oh my goodness randy Mars in your sex/intimacy sector is, well, hot! Which is great for a good time either way. But also this Full Moon ensures the deeper emotional nuance that turns great sex into passionate love, and with love goddess Venus and nurturing, caring Ceres in your partnership sector all month. Not to mention the Destiny Point bringing some karmic pointers to perhaps a longer term, enduring, even life-changing connection here… ooh la la August could be a romantic game changer for sure.

By the New Moon Eclipse of the 22nd you’ve got the kind of fabulous traction happening in your biz and love life that makes it fun to be alive, and all fired up about your future… yay, go seize the day why don’t you?

Image: via Marie Zamboli

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