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The Destiny Point is throbbing away in Leo right now, reminding you daily of your optimum personal potential/the importance of following the beat of your own drum/the power of your own fabulosity in the world etc-which of course you love! And the way to optimise this is all about taskmaster Saturn in your self-expression sector:

I mean raw, fake-it-till-you-make-it bravado is one thing, and you’ve got it covered with that brilliant charisma and confident talent of yours. Yes; but also grinding creative discipline, uncompromising attention to the quality of your work and finessing your natural talent with a consistent work ethic is the way forward right now, ready or not. Come on, you’ve got this –you love a creative challenge/ chance to prove your mettle in the world and July is prime to step up and walk your talk! If not now, when?

And Mercury on board from the 6th is helpful –your communication style is savvy, charming and on point; if you’ve got it, flaunt it –so prime time to profitably go express thyself in the world this month…

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 9th is on top of Pluto in your work sector. This could be power-trips/a competitive vibe on the day job, which you slay with your own inimitable dignity and a quiet, stealthy, solid internal locus of power. Or it could be a big career change bubbling up; where you have the moxy to follow your gut to some big, unknown but so promising (and lucrative) new path -because it feels right and what better reason is there?

The Leo New Moon of the 23rd, with Mars freshly in your sign is even more momentum to get your fiercely unique, unapologetic groove on in the world for a good time… and Lilith powering up in your self-expression sector is going to carry this beautiful self-confidence into August for ongoing momentum for sure.

And love? Your best romantic thrills this month are with someone you already care for! Forget prowling the scene –your most promising lover is right under your nose, or a blast from the past reconnection turning up unexpectedly?

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