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So there’s a grand fire trine going on this month to get things moving, and wants to light up your career! The powerful professional ides of June unfold as follows:

Saturn retrograde in your income sector is careful, strategic planning about the next stage of you doing something sustainable, financially secure and long term rewarding for a crust. I mean Lilith also on board is all about earning on your own terms that you actually enjoy–you are even more savvy than usual about efficiently working to live and not living to work… wage slaving not so much. Your instincts about this are particularly sharp around the Full Moon of the 10th.

Because Uranus in your work sector is so damn restless. You require maximum flexibility/autonomous hours/innovative thinking/creative inspiration on the day job-to love what you do professionally and score the work/life balance to embrace whatever wild & unique lifestyle choices are turning you on right now.

And the Destiny Point into your career sector is 18 months ahead of wildly promising, future orientated vocational direction that only comes around every 9 years. Your ambitious drive is more on point than ever, your business instincts are bang on and your self-promotion is brilliantly, unashamedly brazen. It’s the season for Scorpio success mongering for sure…

And Mars into your vision sector from June 5th- late July then your biz sector until early September is 3 months of fierce determination to nail your favourite life goals coming up-its so time to go for it! The New Moon of the 24th is a nice clue re where all this is heading…

Meanwhile you have Venus into your love sector from the 7th, for some spunky romantic attention to turn you on. If you already have a lover they’re up for next level passion, or if you’re on the prowl someone gorgeous could be about to turn up and lay their flirty wiles on you. And either way, Mercury in your intimacy sector says effective, emotionally articulate communication is the best way to explore any deeper romantic potential here. Or even finesse some promising biz/financial deal? Oh yes.

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