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Well first of all Mars into your sign from the June 5th –July 21st is a window of Cancerian confidence, passion, personal momentum and bravado that you really want to grab whilst it’s coming at you. Your energy levels are peaking for the next 6 weeks and you want to do something with all this raw power; so how do you channel this brilliant moxy?

Look no further than the Grand fire trine of June, which is all over your vocational life as follows:

Saturn in your day-job sector is calling you to pull out some proper discipline; a bit of daily grind toward your current aspirations/scoring some professional respect goes a long way here. And if you’re not feeling the burning ambition yet-Saturn being frustratingly retrograde and all- the Full Moon of the 10th is primo time to feel emotionally/creatively aligned with your full potential and excited to flex some professional muscle once again.

Uranus in your biz sector is restless as fuq; you’re busting to re-invent yourself in the world with fresh, visionary zeal and the craziest, most innovative new possibilities. This is so exciting-and yes you can- but how to achieve it? See above; Saturn says elbow grease and gritty determination is the everything right now.

The Destiny Point in your cash sector for the next 18 months is lady luck smiling on your efforts and ready to reward you with satisfying coin for whatever it is that you do if you really believe in it. A lucrative chapter coming up, to the extent that you’re chasing you’re dreams with sufficient determination… so worth it!

Then the New Moon in your sign of the 24th is renewed strategies and inspiration re the Cancerian life plan, to keep you powering on for sure.

Meanwhile love is dreamy; the Venus/Mars romantic action of June is centred around your soul sector; it’s a spiritually inspired partner in crime connection coming up –or you’d rather go do autonomous shamanic self-mastery to be honest. Or could it be both? Yes of course, it’s all about soul path/soul mate synchronicity right now…


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