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So now that The North Node/Destiny Point is in Leo and activating the Saturn in Sag/Uranus in Aries trine; we have Grand Fire Trine to blow us out of the water and get any thwarted energy (from so many planets recently retrograde) moving again.

Fire energy is about passion; we follow our most visionary dreams and get in touch with our desires for a good time.

And also personal warmth -we are emotionally generous and affectionate with our loved ones, and specifically if we're in love/on the prowl hot-blooded enough to seduce our lovers like we mean it!

And it's also about artful creative expression. Fire energy means magical living; in the sense that we are fully intentional about creating the life we desire and determined, talented and brazenly confident enough to pull it off. Oh yes.

So specifically, the planets involved here are as follows:

Saturn in Sag-retrograde. Sagittarius is the ultimate, rebel free agent and will no way put up with rules or bourgeois expectations. But after 2 years of taskmaster Saturn on board, even the most Saggi/bohemian inclined amongst us realise that a little discipline, focus and ambition goes a long way! Yes it's been a learning curve and aint over till December; and this fire trine is motivation to keep at it & finish what we've started with an eye on success-machine outcomes-just when we need it... so we soldier on for best results.

Uranus in Aries is the ultimate maverick, living on our own terms drive for uncompromising personal autonomy. And also retrograde right now might have us questioning our direction, the integrity/viability of our life plan or even spazzing out at certain delays/constraints currently in the way (thank you Saturn)? Ok so this fire trine helps to keep the re-evaluation productive -we finesse our goals/strategies rather than storming off in a huff and giving up on them entirely, yes? Obviously.

And the North Node/Destiny Point into Leo -which points to nothing less than our karmic imperative to fully embrace the life purpose we came here to fulfil; those hopes & dreams/searing ambition/innate lust to better ourselves/evolve/fully individuate that have been sparking within us from birth- lends us the grandiose, shameless self-belief to get out there in the world and make it happen already. We are being called to walk our talk with as much flamboyant glam and shameless self-promotion as we can muster up right now -how fun!

So we are dancing our possibilities with alacrity, burning lust for life, fierce resolve and having a good time doing it... happy fire trine, let's go forth and live like we mean it x

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