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VENUS back in ARIES- & now she means BUSINESS!

So I've written lots about Venus enjoying an extensive tour of firebrand Aries these few months -here, here and here.

So I won't go on about the details too much again now: except to say that to the extent she's been wonking around retrograde & in and out of Pisces much of the time thus far -she now roars into Aries in full, direct power from 11.14pm today- June 7th. Five weeks of full, pure Aries moxy ahead!

And that Aries Venus is a fierce, independent, passionate, brave, brazen warrioress spirit for us to channel in all our love, romance, creative, enterprising biz, beauty and arty imperatives in life. We're ready to lower our Ram horns and charge forward to claim what's ours in all things Venusian for sure...

And that Venus is also squaring Saturn right now; so we take the time to reality check whatever we're up to with our best, grinding discipline and determination every step of the way -we're sure enough of ourselves to know if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right!

And that Venus connecting with bitch Lilith around mid-May will be a particularly edgy version of fuq-you, take-no-shizz, my-way-or-the-highway personal empowerment (especially for female types), which we want to use for good instead of evil, lol.

Yes, let's be brave, fabulous and rock some real integrity as Venus does Aries one last time for 2017 x

Image 1: Cersei from Game of Thrones. (For GOT geeks out there -could this fabulous bitch be more Venus in Aries??)

Image 2: via (unable to locate original source for this image)

Image 3; via (unable to locate original source for this image)

Image 4; Vanessa Paradis by Paolo Roversi

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