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Ok I'm gonna fess up right here; I love Taurus energy & I love New Moons so I'm probably gonna give this one a good rap!

Taurus New Moon, exact 10.16pm April 26th AEST. New Moons are always a lovely rush of fresh new perspective; and in earthy Taurus its a chance to score a clearer, healthier relationship with our physicality. So issues around physical pleasure and well-being, food, sex and money become paramount this week...

Ideally we embrace an easy, natural comfortability in our body; lush out on delightful, nurturing, life-affirming pleasures and gratifications (without greedy-guts bingeing/over-indulgence), and ground ourselves via gardening, yoga, massage, hands-on crafty creativity and other healthy bod/healthy mind pursuits.

And this Moon also picks up on the Destiny Point in crafty Virgo (about to pop into fiery Leo), so wherever we find kinaesthetic satisfaction in doing what turns us on this week-and Mars in Gemini curiosity leads us to explore further- could be a clue about where our instinctive passions are leading us, in our broader life direction over the next 18 months?

Tuning into the passions that really serve us, not just now but in the longer term-may be more powerful than we realize this week for sure.

So go enjoy, happy Taurus New Moon x

Image: Anastasiia Kononenko

Image 2: by Inge Morath, Gypsies dancing in a camp near Ctesiphon, Iraq, 1956.

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